Vattan-Lövåker-Stocksbo Bygdegårdsförening

Need accommodation?

Kungsberget Alpin 15 km - overnight!     

Price information

The cottages

  Free access to the kitchen, toilet ,   

  shower , Wi - Fi, and big screen TV.


  Day 550 SEK

  Week ( 7 days) 3300 SEK



  Rent of bed linen and towels

  100 SEK per person

  Sauna 200 SEK

  Cleaning of the cabin 400 SEK

Do you need accommodation for the road?

Need accommodation during the hunt?

Do you need a training center?

Then you have found the right place.

In VLS Stugby you can rent a cottage or the entire  conferensecenter.

  VLS Stugby is beautifully situated at the Storån running through   

  Lövåker in Sandviken Municipality .


  In connection to the community center are three isolated cabins each   

  with four beds, refrigerator and coffee maker.


  The community center is full kitchen, toilets for the disabled, sauna,

  large screen TV and Wi-Fi .


  The cottages were built in 2014

Want to book a cabin ?

  Call or email !


  Reservation manager: Kjell Thorslund

  Mobile Phone +46 70 610 55 22

  E - mail kjell.thorslund@gmail.com

  WGS84 DDM (lat, long) N 60° 40.8749', E 16° 21.1890' WGS84 DD

   (lat, long) 60.68125, 16.35315 RT90 6729471, 1529950

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